Zombie Math Adventure

Six months ago, a mystery contaminant escaped from the abandoned biological warfare laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland. It quickly spread around the world, turning everyone it infected into a mindless zombie. Exactly what causes this infection is and how it works is unknown, or at least unknown to the public at large. The government has set up quarantine zones to protect the few remaining uninfected populations, but if they know anything else, they aren't telling anyone. Your job is to set out on a journey to discover the origins of this disease and find a cure before the zombies can destroy what remains of society.

The Basics:
-On this journey, you will be confronted with various choices and math problems. Depending on what you decide to do and whether you answer the math questions correctly, you can meet with glorious success or deadly failure.
-The different adventures will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, at least as much as they can be and still fit the story.
-If you need any help with the problems, we recommend setting up a free account with Khan Academy to get online help.

****IMPORTANT NOTE: This website will not save your progress! If you need to quit and come back later, make sure to write down the web address of the page you are on so you can continue your journey where you left it.****

Adventure #1: Looking for Answers - Journey to NORAD (Pre-Algebra/Algebra I)

Coming Soon:

Adventure #2: Stemming the Tide - Hold Off the Zombies in a Guerilla War (Geometry)

Adventure #3: Looking for a Cure - Journey to the CDC (Algebra I/II)

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 Copyright 2014 Brian Smith. Permission granted to reproduce for non-profit educational purposes with attribution.